Morooka Carriers

Brand new Morooka MST 1500s, 2200s and 3000s are arriving daily. These dumper trucks are in high demand and ready to go to work.

The Morooka Crawler Carrier Family

Williams Machinery is an authorized Morooka Crawler Carriers dealership with over 40 years of experience in the construction equipment sales and rental industry. Call us today for special financing options or for a free on-site demo for our entire Morooka line! +717 827 7660

Morooka Carriers For Sale - Industry leading technology, trusted components

Williams Machinery has a full line of Morooka Crawler Carriers in stock and ready for immediate sale or rentals. Low ground pressure, versatility in extreme conditions, and endless application customization give Morooka Carriers the ability to operate in a variety of work environments. Whether it’s forestry, oil fields, fracking, civil engineering, or general construction, Morooka Carriers are ready and able to get the job done.

Brand New Morooka Crawler Carriers In Stock- Available for Sale or Rental

Our new Morooka dumpers are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Whether you are interested in a new Morooka Crawler Carrier, used, or even a rental, you've come to the right place. Give us a call today at +717 827 7660 and let us help you find the right Morooka for your next construction project.


Morooka Carriers - 1 Machine for Multilple Applications

Flat Bed Configuration

The Morooka flat bed configuration can be tailored for a variety of hauling applications including forestry and specialty builds.


Personnel Carrier

Commonly used in mining and oil production, these Morooka Personnel Carriers transport personnel to remote places with poor compaction.


Crane Configuration

We can mount hydualic cranes on the Morooka flat bed configuationfor service applications or moving of heavy objects or machinery.



The Hydro mulching Morooka configurations efficiently spread seed in an economical way that is more efficient than buyin sod.



This application mixes seed with water into a slurry and efficiently sprays the slurry for efficient ground seeding for a variety of environments.



For oil and water mining applications, drilling rigs can be built on these Morooka Carriers for versatility in difficult environments.


Sandblasting Rig

These specialty Morookas are built to transport sandblasting equipment for paint prepping in remote, hard to reach locations.


Water Tank Configuration

Water tank Morooka crawler carriers are commonly used for compaction on construction sites, dust control or for agricultural production.



Service configurations can be built for the maintenacne of construction construction equipment on job sites with poor- underfooting.


Morooka Parts


Here at Williams Machinery, our Parts Department is always ready to answer questions and deliver the Morooka parts you need as fast as possible. We firmly believes in our products, and work hard to earn your satisfaction. Morooka offers exceptional warranties on all tracks and parts. Morooka parts are always in stock. If at any time you have a problem with your replacement parts, call us and we’ll handle it. Our priority is to provide you with quick, dependable service and high quality Morooka parts so you can stay focused on your job.Get your order started today by calling us at +717 827 7660

Interested In Used?

Buying or renting used makes sense for companies on a tight budget or experiencing rapid growth. Whether you’re looking to trade-in, sell or buy a used Morooka dumper, Williams Machinery provides the fastest and most cost-effective solution to suit your needs. We carry a broad selection of pre-owned heavy equipment for sale or rent in a wide range of brands, models and ages. Use the button below to view our full inventory of used Morooka Carriers.