Hyundai Wheeled Excavators

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The Hyundai Wheeled Excavator Family

The Hyundai wheeled excavator product line includes three HW series models and one 9A series compact model to give you an edge in a wide range of on-road and off-road applications. These Tier 4-Final-compliant wheeled excavators deliver improved performance, increased fuel efficiency, superior travel speeds on the road, an enhanced cab and added safety features. Call Williams Machinery for sales, rental or service information at +1 717 827 7660.


Hyundai Wheeled Excavators For Sale

At Hyundai, reliable productivity is no empty promise. Performance on the HW series wheeled excavators is proven. The robust upper and lower frame structure can endure external shock and heavy workloads for many thousands of hours. Starting with our strict, demanding prototype testing procedures, Hyundai tests new designs in harsh environments with actual operators for 10,000 hours prior to bringing a new model to market. No matter how tough the working environment is, you can always rely on the Hyundai HW series.


Hyundai Wheeled Excavators - Proven Performers.

Get an Edge in Performance and Fuel Efficiency

Hyundai wheeled excavators are known for fast cycle times, impressive hydraulic power and precision control. Adding to that success formula, the Hyundai HW series features eco-friendly, high-performance engines that meet the Tier 4 Final emission requirements. Others promise performance; Hyundai delivers.

Electronic Viscous Fan Clutch

The electronic fan clutch reduces noise, and minimizes fuel consumption during operation by precisely controlling RPM depending on the hydraulic oil and coolant temperature. During cold applications the fan slows to allow hydraulic oil to warm up to optimal operating temperature.

New Variable Power Control

The HX series introduces variable power control with three power modes to ensure the highest performance in any operating environment.

• P (power) mode: Maximizes speed and power for heavy work.

• S (standard) mode: Optimizes performance and fuel efficiency for general work.

• E (economy) mode: Improves control and efficiency for light work.


Improved Operating Experience

New Air Conditioning System

The operator’s cab in each HW series wheeled excavator features an enhanced-capacity air conditioning and heating system. The auxiliary heat capacity is increased by 15 percent, providing a consistently comfortable operating environment. Additional venting improves airflow in all directions to keep the operator comfortable on hot and cold days alike.

Operator’s Seat

The operator’s seat is designed to reduce fatigue and maximize productivity. Standard air suspension, selectable heat and fully adjustable seat, back, arm rests and control consoles provide a truly custom fit for any operator.

Haptic Control

Jog shuttle-type, controller operates all major functions. Hyundai Excavator's haptic control is common in luxury automobiles and provides additional convenience to the operator.

Improved Joystick Console Adjustment

New ratchet-style crank. Control consoles slide forward - up or downward - back according to the direction of the ratchet crank.

Bluetooth Radio

Hyundai Excavators come equipped with Bluetooth, mp3 and hands-free phone functions.

13% More Floor Space

Compared to 9A cabs, giving the operator added comfort

Smart Key (option)

Push button keyless start with key fob

8” Touchscreen Monitor / Eco Gage

Adjustable for optimal visibility

Monitor can be adjusted vertically up to 30° and horizontally up to 8°.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor critical machine operation data and fuel consumption data , plus easy access to operator settable functions.

Smart Terminal - Miracast System

Via WiFi, this system mirrors the screen on the operator’s smart device for added convenience.


Provides machine level info for additional safety operator assistance.

Attachment Control

The HW series improves pump flow rate by giving the operator independent control of two pumps. It optimizes flow rate settings according to the attachment type (10 breaker types and 10 crusher types), which is ideal for various applications.

Eco Gauge

Using this function, the operator can monitor fuel consumption in real time or review historical data. The colored gauge represents engine torque and fuel efficiency. Also displayed are the average and total fuel consumed. The hourly and daily fuel consumption is also viewable through the menu.


Advanced Swing Options

Swing-lock System Option

The optional swing-lock system maintains stability when the swing movement needs to be limited, improving operating speed and productivity.

Fine Swing Control Option

The optional fine swing control provides additional precision through reduced swing shock under load at slow swing speeds.

Boom Float Mode Option

This new option improves stability and control when leveling, allowing the boom to float along as the arm is moved in and out.

The Safe Solution

AAVM (All Around View Monitoring) Camera System (Option)

he Hyundai-exclusive AAVM video camera system option maximizes operator awareness of the surrounding areas. This system allows a 360-degree field of vision for operators to help prevent accidents. Operators can maintain a constant view of the workplace to the front, the rear, the right and the left. AAVM provides a field of vision in all directions with nine views including a 3D bird’s eye view and a 2D/4-channel view. The system includes IMOD (Intelligent Moving Object Detection) capability to alert the operator to the presence of people or objects within a specific range of operation (recognition distance: 5 m / 16 ft).


Hyundai Wheeled Excavator Parts

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• Products packed with value – with more standard features on every machine

• Knowledgeable, trained and experienced dealer service personnel, backed by our solutions-focused field support team

• Industry-leading standard warranty of 3 years
or 3,000 hours plus 5-year, 10,000-hour structural warranty, as well as the Hyundai Extend optional extended-warranty program

• Maintains an average 98-percent fill rate for Hyundai Wheeled Excavator parts orders submitted by our dealers on behalf of customers like you. Our warehouse in suburban Atlanta has more than $30 million in inventory

Remote Management

Hi-Mate Remote Management System

Hi-Mate, the proprietary Hyundai remote management system, is provided free of charge for three years with all new, full-sized Hyundai excavators for sale. This GPS-based software system allows equipment owners and service personnel to track and monitor Hyundai construction machines at any time and in
any location, monitoring key
machine components such
as the engine, hydraulics and
electrical system. Hi-Mate
saves time and money for the
owner by promoting greater
preventive maintenance to
reduce equipment downtime.



The Hyundai Promise

Hyundai Excavators come with a 3 year 3000 hour standard warranty. They come with a 5 year 10000 hour structural warranty.

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