Hyundai Vibratory Rollers

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The Hyundai Single Drum Roller Family

Hyundai vibratory compactors are precision-designed to provide outstanding compaction performance with industry-leading power efficiency. Simple controls and a deluxe open ROPS canopy or enclosed cab provide added convenience and amenities to keep you running longer with less down time. To wrap up the package, Hyundai smooth drum compactors have an easy to service design and responsible safety features to give you the edge you need on your next construction job. Call Williams Machinery for sales, rental or service information at +1 717 827 7660.


Vibratory Rollers For Sale

The dedicated Tool Master linkage provides premium visibility of the attachments being used. Quick couplers and third spool valves come standard on all Tool Master model Hyundai vibratory compactors. If you're in need of service or parts, please call 863-608-2165.


Hyundai Drum Rollers For Sale


ECO Mode Vibration Drive

ECO speed enables the driver to reduce the rotational speed of the Diesel engine to the ideal engine torque and the pump for the hydrostatic drive of the vibration unit establishes the required rotational speed of the exciter shaft by adjusting the volumetric current.

2-stage vibration system with a high compaction capacity.
2 frequencies and amplitudes for surface and deep compacAon can be selected.
Large exterior bearings greased in an oil bath insure long inspection intervals.


Part of the standard equipment of all Hyundai compaction rollers. A permanent differential lock serves to attain optimal traction. The differential lock unlatches automatically whenever different wheel speeds are the result of frequent turns and winding terrain.


HR 70C powered by a Deutz TD2.9L4

HR110C-HR140C are powered by Cummins QSF3.8

Large fuel tanks, excellent durability and low fuel consumption on all models.

Improved Operating Experience

Panoramic Viewing

A spacious cabin with excellent circumferential visibility and a low construction height. Individually adjustable driver`s seat.
Thanks to the use of special cabin bearings, vibrations are damped. Specifically shaped screens serve to reduce the noise level.

Custom Doors

A spacious cabin with excellent circumferential visibility and a low construction height. Individually adjustable driver`s seat.
Thanks to the use of special cabin bearings, vibrations are damped. Specifically shaped screens serve to reduce the noise level.


Ideal 360 Degree visibility and excellent rearview visibility due to a sloped engine hood improves jobsite safety.
ROPS Certified Cab


Console Joystick

1. Engine idle speed

2. Half throttle 1200 rpm

3. Full throttle 2400 rpm

4. Vibration on /off

5. ECO Speed

Without this optional feature, no vibration possible at reduced Diesel engine speed

6. Over-modulation

Through the monitor, the operator can track average and total fuel consumption. Power mode, new clutch cut-off and transmission settings located on the monitor – To improve ergonomics and to save user preferences, these settings are quick to change and easy to find through the monitor.

7. Amplitude low / high / off

8. Overmodulation

Hydraulic motor, front (accelerating the hydraulic motor of the axle to the max. rotational speed, e.g. forward motion on slopes)


ECO Speed (Optional)

ECO Speed serves to reduce the engine speed without reducing available hydraulic system power.
While the vibration frequencies and the centrifugal forces remain constant, the noise exposure and the fuel consumption are reduced.

HA Control

Adjustable primary drive.
Provides a continuous tractive force adjustment, automatically ensuring maximum tractive effort at the axle and the drum at all times.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Access

All maintenance components and aggregates are easily accessible, thanks to the wide opening of the engine hood.
The maintenance-free articulated joint and the low-maintenance vibration unit warrant a long service life and reduce maintenance expenditures.

Easy Air Filter Replacement

Adjustable Scrapers

Easy Accessible Battery


Articulated Pendulum Joint

Single Track Drive

The front and the rear end run in a single track.
The articulated pendulum joint requires little maintenance, thanks to the Teflon® bearing seats.
No lubrication points at the machines. The articulated pendulum is identical for all machines with operating weights ranging from 7 to 14 tons.

Used Vibratory Rollers

Buying or renting used construction equipment makes sense for companies on a tight budget or experiencing rapid growth. Whether you’re looking to trade-in, sell or buy a used vibratory compactor, Williams Machinery provides the fastest and most cost-effective solution to suit your needs. We carry a broad selection of pre-owned heavy equipment in a wide range of brands, models and ages. Use the button below to view our full inventory of used single drum rollers.